Sunday, June 21, 2015


Seriously, Thank Goodness It's SUMMER!!! We all deserve this time off to rest, relax and enjoy some family time.  While I do love my job, my own family is what I try to center my world around.
Awww, aren't they the sweetest???

We've all seen the little jokes and blog posts about teachers using their summers to catch up on all the things they can't fit in during the school year--things like doctor's appointments, cleaning, sleeping, having fun times with friends.  I've got to say that cleaning holds zero interest for me (doesn't it just get dirty again?!) And because I have a two year old (and a four year old), nothing in my house is free of grubby little fingerprints for long.  So what's a girl to do?  Paint all the cabinets in her kitchen white of course!  Because that's not totally going to drive me bonkers.  But it needed to be done, I was so over my cabinets and kitchen:

From this . . .

To this (slightly different angle).

From this (note the torn-up-by-the-baby mail on the floor)
To this.
I'd painted the walls from a pottery-barn brown to red during the school year.  Next I'd like new quartz countertops and and an apron sink and new range hood.  What I can afford is to make new window covering for the window over the sink that was sporting faded, sticky blue mini blinds from 1989.  So anyone up for a fabric buying trip?  I need someone with me, it's like my drug of choice: fabric!!!!
I'm also spending my summer trying to lose the pregnancy/pregnancy/baby/pregnancy/pregnancy/baby weight.  My oldest is 19, and I know I'm not carrying any weight from that pregnancy, but my youngest is two, so my "pass" of "I just had a baby" is pretty much over.  Weight loss (or in my case, attempted weight loss) is boring compared to before/after photos of a kitchen, amIright????
So that's my summer so far, what are you all up to?

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