Thursday, March 30, 2017

Maybe I Need To Change My Definitions????

While I was working on my signs for the art show, I sent an email to my staff asking for "old, yucky crayons."  Several staff members responded, and I'm STILL getting crayons from people (and I soooo appreciate it).  But, maybe my definition is vastly different?  Because I tell you, I got brand new crayons!  So many brand-spanking-new white crayons that I started pulling them out for crayon resists and things like that.  Maybe it's a different mindset when students/parents are supplying the crayons vs. buying them with your own budgets?  I have no idea, but I'll definitely be sending out a "I'll take any leftover art supplies" email to staff at the end of the year!
Why have I never realized this?

Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 Art Show, In the Books

It was epic, friends!  I think we had our best turnout EV-AH, and if I wasn't exhausted I'd be more detailed, but here's some photos from last night:
Art work glued to black roll paper and ready to hang.

Sixth grade Africa-inspired work

Some kindergarten work

Second grade

First grade

More first grade

Fourth grade
If you'll remember, one of my art show goals this year was more/better signage for getting patrons down to the "Make Art" stations:

They worked well, and they were free.  I had some co-workers save gallon milk jugs and I used broken crayons to weigh them down:


If there's one thing art teachers have plenty of it's old, broken crayons!
The foam core I used for the signs themselves was a pretty beat up donation that's been in my room forever, and the wooden stakes were dirty and given to me by the PE teacher 9 or so years ago, so total cost=FREE.
One thing I will do for next year, I'll add an arrow in my classroom door as I came back to a room full of people after checking on my Make Art stations.  I guess if you tell kids, "you'll get to make some art" they assume it will be in the art room.  Go figure!
I will be driving around with these signs in the back of my minivan when the weather turns warmer to get the crayons to melt into a mass for next year.
The Make Art stations were heavily attended, with the painting station at fourth grade being the most popular:

Third grade Make Art symmetry design station.

Sixth grade adinkra stamp printing Make Art station.
Run by a second grader because sixth graders are too cool for school events.

Fourth grade Make Art landscape painting station.

If you need more info on how I do set up and run our art show, you can read more here, here or here.If you need me I'll be napping under my desk while students paint. Come on, spring break--I could use a daily nap about now!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mad Love for Monet

I know, I know, I know, I post about this lesson every year.  But REALLY, what's not to love???? Heres this year's kindergartners painting:

And here they are finished and hanging in preparation for the art show that's only a WEEK AWAY:

This year's art show is going to be amazing, I just know it.  I'm sure that my worrying and lack of sleep is really what will make the difference. 
Until next Friday, I'll be running purely on caffeine.
Happy art teaching!
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