Sunday, June 19, 2016

I Need About a Million Dollars

Because, you guys, I have a blue toilet.  Baby blue, not royal or dark blue.  Circa 1989.  See, when school's in session, I'm busy and don't have time be distracted with stuff around the house, but when summer comes I'm all about the home front (alternate titles for this post include: What Can't Paint Do? or Curse You, HGTV!) and all those things from my 1989 house bug me.  Last summer I worked on my kitchen and then in the fall I painted the main bathroom (the one with the powder blue toilet).  This summer I decided I'd use up some paint leftover from those projects in our basement half bath (read: not spend any more money).  This includes painting a gold light fixture with Rust-Oleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint that I'm using for everything these days. But I want NEW stuff--new [white] toilet, new garage doors, new dishwasher (to replace the original-to-the-house-one), new countertops . . .the list goes on.  SIGH, I do not have $ for all these things.  Hence, the need for about a million dollars.
Or blinders or an appreciation for 1989.
To distract me from such problems this week: an upcoming council meeting for my new-ish elementary division position, gardening, lots of fun summer fiction reading, playtime with my own children (they're SO FUN this summer),sewing and art making.  In short, lots of relaxation and whatever I feel like doing whenever I feel like doing it.
Enjoy your summer, friends, it goes by too quickly!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Gelli Printing Fun

Hello, my name is Aimee and I'm a Gelli printing addict.  Seriously.  It's probably one of the fastest rising new disorders among art teachers and artists today.  Here's my new Gelli printed project:

My aforementioned disorder has me awake at night thinking 'what the heck am I going to do with ALL THESE GELLI PRINTS?'  Even though I opened a second Etsy shop for all my printing, they're not exactly flying off the shelves AND there are some prints that just aren't very good. So, one Sunday night when I'd napped too long and couldn't sleep and oh-my-gosh-why-am-I-still-awake-I-have-to-work-tomorrow I decided I needed to do more printing (of course, more Gelli printing is the solution!), but this time with my new circle Gelli plate (bought at NAEA in Chicago) and on the back of my not-favorite prints.  Because it seems way to hard to explain that with typed words, I made a video of my paper flower printing with a document camera I'm trying to get used to:

After I made several flowers (when I should have been sleeping to prepare for a full day of elementary art teaching) I decided to make them into a necklace.  And it worked! And I wore it all around and basked in the compliments! Then I continued making more and more flowers and making different things (like broach/pins, which I haven't worn yet) and toyed with the idea of putting them into my Etsy shop, but I just haven't done it yet.  So if you're interested in A) learning how to make these flowers into a necklace, or B) would maybe purchase one from me on Etsy, could you let me know?  Then I'll get more document camera practice and/or get more Etsy sales.  
Happy and restful summer for all of you who [like me] are soaking up every minute of rest and relaxation and I FEEL YOU for those trying to make it to the bitter end (you've totally GOT THIS, you can DO IT 'cause art teachers are AWESOME).
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