Friday, September 20, 2013

Sometimes It's the Little Things

We were in our art collab meeting on Wednesday morning of this week when one of the other art teachers complimented this:

And then it became a brief topic of discussion. I'd actually already decided to add pencil sharpeners to this area (right by my desk), and was only waiting for my sign to be laminated.  Now, that area looks like this:

So, it's not the greatest picture, but hopefully you can see
the crayon sharpeners at a 90 degree angle to the pencil sharpeners.
Before school started, I just ripped the crayon sharpeners out of five boxes of 64 crayons that I'd had for a while, hot glued them to yarn, and slip knotted (or is that a half-hitch?) them to a laminated sign with holes punched in.  Then I used LOTS of clear wide tape to attach it to the shot file cabinet-y thing by my desk. Bonus that it's over the trash can.  It doesn't totally prevent them from disappearing, I'm sure, but it's worked so far!
Here's a step-by-step:

Made the sign with some posterboard scraps I had, and marker.
Measures about 3 inches by 14-15 inches.
Punched 5 holes, then had it laminated and re-punched the holes.

BONUS! The sign covers up this ugliness!

Close up of the hot glue on the back of simple metal hand pencil sharpeners.
The yarn is about 14-18 inches when folded in half, so, hmmmm,
28-36 inches before being folded.

Just a shot before the pencil sharpeners on their yarn were added.
My last minute advice is to use LOTS of tape.  Tape the whole thing down, then tape between every hole, and over it a bit too.  In the photo above, you can see where a student ripped a crayon sharpener off the very first day (he then tried to innocently say "Oh, I thought we were supposed to take them to our seat" while I just stared at him and let the kids explain reality to him).
Hope this Little Thing makes your art room life a little easier.


  1. Thanks for sharing the tip. I'm pinning to my art room organization board :)

  2. You're most welcome! Hope it's helpful to you!

  3. LOL this just cracked me up "while I just stared at him and let the kids explain reality to him" Hahaha that is a daily occurance! Thanks for the great idea :)

  4. Sometimes it's best if I just stare and let someone else explain it because my patience is totally used up for the moment/day/week/year ;-)


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