Monday, November 26, 2012

Fourth Grade and Frida Kahlo

I've introduced fourth graders to Frida Kahlo for many, many years.  I think we've done self portraits a thousand different ways.  These are [so far] my favorite:
I love how serious she looks in her self portrait!

You'd have to know him,
but it really captures some sort of his,
I don't know, essence.

Simple drawings on 12 x 18 paper, using a mirror to look at ourselves, tracing with ultra-fine Sharpie, painting them in.  Then making our backgrounds seperately on 12 x 18 construction paper with construction paper crayons (have I mentioned lately my love for these crayons?).  Cutting out our (dry) paintings, and using simple paper rings (paper strips glued into a circle or ring shape) to make them pop out. 

Trust me when I say, this looks SO MUCH
like her it's almost scary.

People who pass by always comment on this one.

I felt like the students really worked hard, and it showed.  They are very proud of their work and all the younger kids keep asking "when do we get to do that?"
Love the highlighted hair!

A partial group shot.

Another group shot, with our third grade Sumerian paper people hanging above.

Gorgeous, and really brightening our hallways!

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