Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Forgotten Second Grade Lesson

I came across something that jogged my memory (an example? actual lesson plan? I don't even remember now) about this second grade lesson:

I hadn't done this lesson since my older children were in second grade (and they're high school juniors, so it's been a while).  I ordered two buckets of foam letters (actually, letters + numbers) and used up all the burlap I had, then went to the many, many yards of felt that I got when a local clothing maker went out of buisness.  It's their first fibers project, and they do really well after they figure out how to cut felt with scissors.

Brown burlap on brown table= not the best photo.
This student did a great job overlapping her felt
to add interest.

We started by planning out our wall hanging in our skechbooks--I told them not to worry about drawing their letters perfectly, but just to get the general idea down.  I wanted them to have their name and things made out of felt that they enjoy doing or just like.  I was very happy with the results, and so were the students!

The red spider-looking thing is fireworks!

The ones above the water are dolphins.

On this one, I left the paper underneath for the photo.
We used the paper to keep them from getting glued to
the tables, and it made them easier to put in the
drying rack.

Bunny and bird cuteness.

I thought about adding other things for the students to glue on (lace, yarn, etc) but in the end I just really liked the layering and the look and feel of the felt.

Astroids and lava!  I find it so interesting
that even with the formed letters being given to them,
some students still put them on backwards.

He and I had many discussions about layering:
would the yellow look better over the windows?
Could there be yellow over the black "stars"?

This student was initially upset over my lack of brown felt,
but she came up with her own solution for her ice cream cone.

This student is an "outside the box" thinker, and her work
is usually the envy of the class.

Close up of Angelina's cat.

Students are taking these home this week.  When my older two were in second grade, they were so very proud to hang them on their bedroom doors at home, and couldn't wait to show Dad when he got home.  I'm hoping for that reaction for my students (I usually hear about it all later).

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