Saturday, April 20, 2013

Silly Second Graders!

A few years ago, I found this book somewhere:
It's a silly little rhyming story about a boy who wakes up with a bunny on his head.  He names him Fred, this bunny on his head.  And so it goes on, rhyming all the way.  Soooo up second grade alley.  We read it one day, and then (drumroll, please) learn how to make skin color with paint.  It's magic, I tell you!

We use brown, white, red and yellow
to make our skin color.

I explain that we're ALL using all four colors,
no matter our ethnicity.  Just in different amounts.
This in one of the few too-orange ones.
That takes all of the first day.  Once the paintings are dry, we add hair and an animal, but no face:
Students choose the animal they'd have on their heads.

Love the penguin!

There were tears on this one: the butterfly
clip was a mistake with paint originally,
which was transformed into the butterfly.

The final step, the third day, is to add Sharpie marker details.  I talk with them about simple eyes, nose and mouth (like the illustrations in the book).  These are always a huge hit, and I usually put them up, but we still have the fabulous art show up, so I let the students take them home this year.

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