Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kindergarten Paints Hens with Chicks

As I've said before, I love painting with kindergarten! How adorable is this?

This is a little lesson I dreamed up several years ago while observing a student teacher (she was struggling with something, I don't remember what, but it triggered this lesson).
Ideally, I like to break it up to a three day lesson, one day of painting hens and eggs:

One day of printing nests with cardboard (sorry, I neglected to take a photo of those all by themselves) and painting chicks (again, no photo).  We paint the hens and eggs on 9 x 12 brown/tan paper, the nests on 12 x 18 sky blue, and the chicks on 6 x 9 white.  Then we read Jan Brett's Hedgie's Surprise.
When they return to art, I give them their hen back first, and a black crayon.  I have them outline their hen, and all the details as well as their eggs.  Then we cut those things out and glue them to our nests.  Then we trace our chicks and cut them out, putting them all over their mamas:

I did learn (today, as a matter of fact) if I'm really pushed into it, (say, for example, there's only a week of school left), and I have to I can squeeze painting all three papers into one day, but we've got to be working.

I love the personality of them.  They're so free and sweet and real--that's why painting with kindergarten can't be beat!

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