Monday, September 23, 2013

The Smartboard Changed My Life

It really did.  Nothing else in 14 years of teaching has changed my life as much as my Smartboard did.  If I ever switch schools and don't have one, I'll most likely cry.  My most popular post is my Art + Math one, entitled "Totally Cannot Take Credit for This" about Paul Klee's "Once Emerged from the Gray of Night" and math.  I got many requests for my Smart Notebook file, and with the help of my wonderful district tech person, I now know how to link Smart Notebook files to my blog (thanks, Linda!!!)  So from now on out, I'll link my Smart Notebook files!  To use them, simply follow the link, find the one you want and download (the blue arrow).  I only ask you give me the credit if someone asks, and send some good vibes my way (I can use all I can get).  Happy art teaching!


  1. I totally agree - The SB helped my teaching to evolve in ways I could not have predicted 5, 10 years ago! Technology rocks!

    And I'd love to know how you link the Notebook files to the blog - great idea!

  2. If you go to Google Docs, click "sites" along the top, add your files, and make sure it's public--it's that easy! Then be sure to copy and paste the link to link to your blog.


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