Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Pollock, More Thiebaud and Some Tinwork Too

My other fifth grade class finished their Jackson Pollock paintings and their Wayne Thiebaud cupcakes this week:

I did this class on black paper to make it easier to return them to the right classroom.  Here's a display shot (they're across from each other):

Students and staff alike have commented on how much they like them.  
Here's some of this second group's cupcakes, too:

So sculptural!

A moustache AND a sticking out tongue?!

I don't really know what the artist was thinking,
but I'm lovin' the floating ring-type things.

The white dripping down is supposed to
remind the viewer of wax.

She's every bit the perfectionist she would appear to be
from the making of this cupcake.
And a few shots of them in the [now crowded] display case:

Fourth grade is working on a Mexican Crafts unit, so we took some notes:

And then made some tinwork frames out of 5" x 5" 38 gauge metal (used for tooling).  A couple of years ago I figured out it was much easier to press in the designs with a piece of folded felt underneath.  

We "X" where our photograph is going to go.

Sorry about the glare, they're IMPOSSIBLE to
photograph glare-free.

The color is just permanent marker.  After all our coloring is done, we use a paper clip (open) to rip through our X and fold back:

Front view after it's been folded back.

Back view
This is my completed example, complete with adorable picture of my stepson when he was in first grade (he's a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR NOW, HOW did that happen so fast?!):
Not the greatest photo,
but you get the idea.
I love to do this Mexican crafts unit right before Christmas so they can give them as gifts if they want, because they're so darn cute.


  1. Hi Aimee, I love those Thiebaud cupcakes! What type of medium did you use with the students? Was it regular clay where you had to fire them in the kiln or did you use those sculpting clays (hardens as it dries), like Crayola brand sculpting clay? Did you also have them paint with tempra, watercolors or acrylic? Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for reading my little blog! I used air-dry clay: both Crayola Model Magic and Cloud clay. It comes in different colors. I did have them glue parts together, though, because sometimes little parts pop off when they dry if you don't glue them.

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