Monday, March 24, 2014

What My Youngest Students Are Up To

Don't you always need more kindergarten and first grade lessons?  I know I do, and sometimes I can't face the thought of doing what I'd planned, so I make up something else real quick.  Like this, for example:

Easy, successful and adorable!  We talked about the horizon line and neighborhoods and kindergarten drew them with marker but didn't color them in:

Missing the horizon line here, but still adorable!

Then I got out the texture boards and showed them how they worked and we talked about texture for a bit before we went back to work:

I love how they turned out, and it was a fun one day lesson.
First grade has been working on their Jewelry Portraits, which is a lesson I wrote and got into "Arts and Activities" in May of, hmmmm, 2008, maybe?  Anyway, here's a few from this year:

I enjoy this lesson because they really do learn so much, and the kids love them because when they get home, they can take their necklace off their portrait and wear them.
One more close up of our magazine beads with pony beads pattern necklace:


  1. I love the portraits of the 1st graders with the necklace, I have never seen that before!

  2. Thanks, Lauren! It used to be easy to find online from Arts & Activities, but I couldn't find it when I looked for it this morning. I'll keep looking and add the link if I find it.

  3. Me encantan lo retratos con el detalle del collar, muy divertidos. Congratulations from Spain!


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