Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Art Show, Over and Done

I'm very pleased with how this year's art show turned out:

What viewers saw walking in one of the doors from outside.

Heading into our sixth grade "Asian Gallery".
Students designed this whole display.

Sumi-e paintings and lotus books.

Lotus books and handmade paper dragon books.

Student made cards describing things they learned.

Sumi-e paintings displayed with cards.
And a few hallway shots:

Headed down the hall by fourth grade.  Papel picado banners hanging from ceiling.

More papel picado banner with displayed art show work.

Fifth grade art work.

Fourth and third grade work with banner overhead.
Other artwork, some that I was frantically hanging at four o'clock today:

JUST FINISHED sarcophaguses (seriously, finished them at 1 pm).

Another sarcophagus shot.  I've blogged about them before,
this year we used metallic Playcolor and I LOVE them!

These are our Frank Stella kinetic sculptures,
they've been up for a while.
I just didn't photograph them until now.

More kinetic sculptures.

Blue dragons over one of the offices,
been up for a while.

Red dragons--see, now the giant dragon has friends!

More red dragons.

Our Catlin paintings (and a student-made anti-bullying sign)
And because I love how a few of the third grade classes chose to display their pyramids, a classroom shot or two:

Pyramids were made in art, paper students were made in their classrooms.

From the front: aren't they adorable?

Spitting image of them, I tell ya!

Oh no, he's falling over!

It's such a process to get it all together, and if you've missed previous posts, you can read about getting ready for the art show here, or you can read about last year's art show here.
So, another art fair is in the books, and I'm feeling very proud and relaxed now that the day is over. ['Cause I'm kind of a cranky, anxious mess leading up to Art Fair Day!]

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