Friday, March 27, 2015

Let Me Give You a Hand With Some New Ideas

Ok, I'll admit, that's a really cheesy title to this post.  But it's a fun lesson!  These are simple henna tattoos that my sixth graders created as part of our unit on India. (You can download my Smart Notebook file by clicking here and looking for the one entitled "Art and Culture of India") Sixth grade artists began with tracing their hands on 12 x 18 paper, then shading them with colored pencil as realistically as they could.   Next, they used thin-line brown markers for the tattoos.  They needed a little something, so we finally cut them out and glued them to some decorative papers that I had.

As always, some turned out better than others, but this project was very successful for all of my students--inclusion students included!

Also this week, I hung up the third grader's sarcophaguses in preparation for this year's art show:

You can learn more about this project by reading my previous post. The last two years we've been coloring them with metallic playcolor, LOVE LOVE LOVE! (although, kind of expensive and we go through every bit of a class pack box for three classes)

Less than three weeks until the art show!  I'm sure I'll do a post about it (how can one be an art teacher blogger and not?), but until then, get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Unless it's dreary where you are (then, I guess, stay home and read a good book!)

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