Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cool Cat, Meet Neutral Dog

I've written about our cool cats before, but this year I changed it up a bit, adding neutral dog!

Just like the cool cats lesson, we started out with a direct demonstration drawing (where the students drew what I drew).  First day, we drew and colored our cats (we didn't get all our coloring done).  The next time, we drew and colored our dogs--doing lots of review about cool and neutral colors as we worked.

Love LOVE this one!
The third time they came to art, we reviewed WARM colors and got large paper (18 x 24") for our warm backgrounds.  I had to use the super-big paper because we drew our cats and dogs on 12 x 18".  It took two class periods to color our warm backgrounds and collage on our animals, and even then several weren't all the way colored.  I have one class who's a little behind, and I'm thinking of having them use BOTH warm colors of paper collaged on AND markers, because SHEW! that was a lot of coloring!

I just love the expressive-ness of them:

And bonus they're so large no mat is required for my upcoming displays--they'll fit in the frames as is!

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