Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Overwhelmed Art Teacher

Ugggghhhhh, hello February.  Hello, a week of snow days.  Hello, lots-of-stuff-going-on-at-home.  It's just an overwhelming time of year for this art teacher.  SO much to hang, hallway displays to change out and they're HARD ones.  Peacocks and origami dragons and kinetic Stella sculptures.   Central office display is coming up for me, and our school-wide art show is six (or is it eight?) weeks away. Not to mention getting my stuff together for a presentation at my spring state conference in three weeks.  It's all so OVERWHELMING.
But then I take a step back and realize I feel this way every year at this time, and somehow it all always gets done.  I just haven't done it with a regressing-potty-training three year old and pumping 3x a day at work before. . . 
How much longer until May again???


  1. Oh goodness! I will say a prayer for you! We have been working on a project for what seems like a billion years (2 point perspective) because of multiple snow days.... so everytime we get back the kids forget and the lesson has to be retaught....grr so I feel you! Hope sunshine comes your way!
    Lauren@ cornwellfam.com

  2. Sheesh, I feel you, and thanks for the prayers, I can use all I can get to get through this. But you know what? My students make me smile every day. They're so KIDS, so adorable, so innocent, so inquisitive! And I stopped teaching 2 point perspective years ago when I started grinding my teeth. . . now that I wear a night guard I could probably try it again. (or not :-)

  3. Students do make it all worth while, that's a super great way to look at it!


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