Friday, May 16, 2014

Animal Morphs

This is another got-it-at-conference lesson.  Specifically, at "Drag n'Brag" and there was no name on the lesson plan (I looked, trust me).  SOoooooo dang cute!
I apologize for the black bar,
but as a parent, I know I would not want
my child's photo on the internet.
So, I'm just being extra cautious.
I have them start out thinking about what animal they'd be, then draw the HABITAT of that animal.  We use one color of crayon for this.  While they're drawing, I call them back to a blank wall (there is very little of that in the art room!) and have them act like their animal.

She's an indoor cat.

I think he's a dog?  I have no idea what the egg shapes are in the background.
The photos and drawing usually take one class period, but if a class is really focused, sometimes we start painting our backgrounds using cake tempera paint.  They spend another class period painting, giving me time to print their photos.  I use full sheet label paper (basically a big sticker) and the school secretary is kind enough to print them using our color printer.

Love that she made a fish face/mouth in her photo!!!

Giraffe :-)
The day they get their pictures/photos back (they're printed wallet sized), they also get a 6"x9" piece of white paper. I have them cut out their face/hair/neck and then peel the sticker and stick it to their white 6 x 9 paper.  We use markers to color our animals, then cut them out and glue them to our animal habitats.  

Tiger (I think).

This one is so cute, but I had a lot of birds in one class.
I was a bird in my example--ever noticed how some classes
copy the example and some don't?

Definitely a tiger.
These are always a big hit it the halls, but this year they took them right home as schools almost over, and the way most teachers feel about that is. . . 
I have no idea what his animal is, and he
struggles with fine motor, but I LOVED his expression!

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