Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When Art + Writing Works

Update on my To Market To Market lesson: here are some of the cutie-patootie writings from my second graders (with the illustrations)

Illustration (writing is attached under)

Close up of the writing for your reading pleasure.

I really love how the classroom teacher added a clip-art shopping cart at the bottom of their writing paper.  She is a good friend of mine and knows I can be a bit, ummm, should we say severe about wanting my displayed student work to be amazing.  All the time. Every time.

Here's a few more:

Illustration for the writing below.

Illustration for the writing below.

The first class I had do this has writing that not as descriptive.  I really blame myself for not being clear with the classroom teacher, not re-reading the book to the students so it would be fresh in their minds, and being overly excited when she gave them to me the day after our illustrations were complete--thorough work is better than quick work in my opinion.
All in all, I'm happy with our collaborative results!

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