Monday, October 13, 2014

Really Awesome African Funerary Figures

We're working on an African unit in sixth grade, and we're working on these funerary figures, based on the real thing that you can see here, here or here.
We started out by taking notes in our sketchbooks (more info coming about our sketchbooks, so stay tuned!):

We then folded a 9" x 12" of paper in half and drew a funerary figure shape in pencil.  Figures had to touch each side at least once, so that when we cut them out, they'd be connected:

They're using these awesome metallic markers to color them:

The markers are kind of pricey, and I was worried they wouldn't hold up to classroom use, but so far, so good (and I ordered them from a supply catalog. Sax, I believe). Students have to color both sides and then glue them together when they're done.

They choose if they want the two sides to be the same or different.  A few students are totally done, so I've hung theirs up in our glass-enclosed office area:

Still coming in our Africa unit: masks or headdresses, granary doors and faux mud cloth.  Maybe another project or two if something catches my fancy.

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