Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Art + Math Wins Again

This is one of those successful-for-everyone lessons.  LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE it!

Kindergarten started out by learning about Claude Monet, and you can get that one simple Smart Notebook file here.  I then passed out a 9 x 12 paper for each student, with their names already written on the back in the middle.  Students drew a lily pad with crayon, making sure to touch each side of the paper. I then gave each table yellow and blue paint and had them mix their own green to paint their lily pad.  

Love the variety of greens!
Once that was done, they brought me their wet painting and paint brush and picked up a 12 x 18 piece of construction paper with their name already on it in the corner.  I then gave them circles to trace with crayon in size order, which is, [apparently] a math concept they need to master in kindergarten.
The next time they came to art, they painted their circles warm colors:

When they were done painting, they handed me their wet painting and paint brush, then went and found their lily pad.  They cut out their lily pad, and their name remained showing because it had been written in the center of the paper.

The next time they came, they received their lily pad, all nicely cut out.  They then cut out one of their largest circles (they had two large ones drawn). They then fringed around the edges, bent the edges up and glued it to their lily pad, like this:

Then they found the next largest circle and did the same thing, gluing the smaller circle to the middle.

They continued adding circle layers until they ended up with these amazing lily pads:

Finally, I used a long-armed stapler to staple them to light blue paper for our pond.  I love every single one, even the ones with tiny lily pads or sloppily cut circles, each one is SPECTACULAR.

I'm pondering adding some koi fish to our ponds, but am currently undecided, what do you think?
I want a whole wall of these for the entry way at my house! Wouldn't that be amazing????


  1. These are so cute and colorful!! And the kids are learning too! I love it :-)

  2. I love the step by step process explanation! Your organization is brilliant and this project is super cute -- thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks, it really was super successful for each and every kindergarten artist!

  4. This is awesome! I would def add the koi! I may have to scrap lift this as a project for our next family gathering!


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