Friday, January 23, 2015

Does Anyone Like This?

I hate filling glue bottles. Like, hhhhhaaaaatttttttteeee it.  Makes me stumble around the room and whine about how much I hate it.  And I really like mundane things mostly (like I enjoy doing laundry, I'd not even mind doing other families laundry, I find it soothing). But I really don't like filling glue bottles.  I've learned to do it while I have students in the room, working on things that don't require much of my attention.  Because if I leave it for plan time or before or after school I flat-out won't do it.  I'll hang art work or email parents or plan for next week, and the glue bottles will stay empty. I filled some today because there's been lots-o-complain' that the glue bottles are [for the most part] empty.  So while first grade was working on cutting and gluing feathers on their owls, I filled the glue bottles you see in the photo. And put them back in the glue bin:

I keep the glue bottles separate from the table caddies.  When I didn't, glue always spilled out making molded crayon blobs.  Also I have some students who like to peel glue off the plastic of the glue bin because lets face it, it's fun to do.  So satisfying!  The glue pictured + 20 some odd bottles (which were in use by first grade) is how much I keep in my classroom at all times because we glue so often and bottles are always clogged or empty or whatever.  This just seems to be the number of bottles that works the best for me. There's also the small fact that I like a bin full of glue bottles, no half-empty green glue bin to look at (it would drive the OCD part of me nuts).
I felt all good about myself that I filled those bottles with very minimal complaining today, and left for the weekend with these sort of hands:

That's a sign of a creative day, friends! Art teachin', there's nothing better!


  1. I just had some 4th graders help me with this at lunch this week! They were a little messy, but they had fun and I got other work done!

  2. I think it's the leading up to doing it that's the worst for me. The students always want to help, but I hate the mess. Sometimes kids do a good job, it's just a mental thing for me I think.

  3. I try soaking the caps in hot water when I refill, but I too hate it. Mine are a mess. I may order new ones to improve my mood!

  4. There has to be a better way than those awful glue caps. We can put people in outer space but can't invent better glue bottles. Some smart art teacher needs to get on this and make a million dollars!

  5. I have found that a small plastic funnel (purchased from the dollar section of Target) is the best was to refill the glue bottles in a less-messy and more efficient way! I also love, love LOVE this glue: the caps are a lot earier to remove. I usually use pliers so I don't tear apart my hands.

  6. I'm with you on the pliers--I keep a pair in my desk drawer at all times. And I always mean to buy a funnel, but somehow it never happens!


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