Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dreaming a Bit Like Marc Chagall

This is a lesson my fifth graders worked on for quite a while.  We talked about Marc Chagall and looked specifically at "I and the Village".  Then we reviewed some simple math concepts.  Students set up their drawings with an acute angle, an obtuse angle and parallel lines.  They could have a right angle and/or perpendicular lines.

Next we talked about dreams we've had.  So many dreams are anxiety related!  I guess I really never thought about it, but after dream dictionary-ing many the students asked about, it makes sense.  Each space was a different dream/weird idea.  We drew with pencil, traced with ultra-fine Sharpie and painted with Biggie Cakes.  Some got further than others:

My plan is (was?) to hand them in the hall for the fourth graders to find our angles and help them with learning/reviewing those math concepts.  But the end of the year is fast approaching and I wonder if it's worth the time to hang them all . . . reality is I'll probably do it anyway!
I do really like how these turned out, even the ones that didn't get all drawn or painted, they're just so interesting.

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