Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Take Your Letters Home, Please

Remember my fifth grade pop art letters? The ones one class was doing first? My other two (last two classes) are finishing them up now:

While the plaster was fast, there's nothing like papier mache for details and smoothness and overall wonderfulness:

Drawing popular items/logos with pencil on dry letters.

As I've said before, I have students do a layer of newspaper papier mache, then yellow pages (from the phone book), then (finally) a layer of school paper towel. This ensures students get good coverage and can see where they've added a layer.  When I first started I just used newspaper, and students truly had a hard time knowing where their new layers started and ended.  I'm already worrying about when NO ONE gets phone books anymore (I may have a hoarding stash of phone books going in a corner of my room for that day).
The students and I did a brainstorming session on what's popular today.  We had a discussion about how Minecraft may be popular for Tommy, but Instagram is more popular for Paige, and that's OK.

YouTube was popular for many of my fifth graders.

Students are finishing up their paint right now and my room will be so much roomier when they all take them home. 

If I had a fifth grader, I'd be using some Command velcro type adhesive to attach these to my child's bedroom wall.

Waiting on final details (done with permanent marker).
And if I had loads of sculpture display room here at school, I'd probably display them for a while.  But I don't.  The students are so excited about them, it's probably time to take them home!

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