Thursday, December 3, 2015

So Many Good Things

So many good things happening lately: my student teacher is rockin' it (way to go, Mr. Hodes!):

I was just elected the elementary division rep for my state art teacher organization (I am feeling so honored/excited/privileged to be in this position and I'm really looking forward to doing my best for the elementary art teachers in my state).

Mr. Onehappyartteacher and I are figuring out ways to keep our two year old in bed allllllll night (and early morning).  Yay for sleep!!!!

Also, I was contacted by Scholastic Instructor Magazine about writing up the Klee + Math lesson.  As I've said multiple times, it is totally not my lesson, but Mary Franco (who came up with the lesson) gave her permission for me to write it up (and give her the credit, because she's awesome and totally deserves OODLES of credit), so that should be coming out in the spring sometime.

And my sixth graders are working on a quick-and-fun clay project.  We've been studying the art and culture of India.  As anyone who's been working in a school for more that about 10 minutes in December knows, you're either going to fight the Christmas is coming crazy or join it.  I'm too tired to fight (see above with the whole two-year-old-not-sleeping-thing), so we're making tiny clay elephants:

I made a video how-to for my students with my new document camera I got at the end of last year through a grant.  Because it's still so new to me, I (once again) ended up without sound, so I had to narrate as it played, but it was awesome to be able to replay it multiple times as needed on the Smartboard:

The plan after they've all been fired is to do a crayon resist with black block tempera over to mimic the painted elephants in Indian festivals and celebrations.  I'll try and post an update after we're done, but I'm also giving Mr. Hodes full reign for the little bit of time he's here.
Enjoy the Christmas crazy while it lasts, friends, the January/February blahs aren't that far off!

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