Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Last To The Party

Do you know this book?

Pretty sure every art teacher in America uses it, but I just figured it out/found it (thanks, Stephanie!).  I found some dog-eared paper in my cabinet and made sure each piece had: a tear, a folded edge and a hole (or two).

When kindergarten came in, I talked to them about how they were going to do their best and make AMAZING artwork.  Then I passed out the paper without saying anything.  Hilarious! The students were horrified and kept saying "I need a new one!" "Mine's bent!" "Mine's torn!" I let them grouse for a bit, then read the book and had them work.  We only used marker, but here's how a few of them turned out:

I did let them take them home the same day, and we had quite a discussion about making the best of things, and seeing opportunities rather than obstacles.  Maybe next year I'll let them paint so they can have some smears. . . never a dull moment in kindergarten, that's for sure!

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