Friday, January 15, 2016

If You're Gonna Use A Marker, Put A Lid On It


See that purple one over on the far right with no lid? That's AFTER I had students check them.  Grrrrrrr!
Both fourth and fifth grades have been using them for projects.  Fifth's Underground Railroad Shrinky-Dink necklaces, and fourth's Mexican tinwork frames.
I've had some difficulties with the Underground Railroad Quilt Necklaces this year: the first class I did, the sweetest, nicest kid in the class' got ruined/stuck to the cardboard.  Ditto the next day.  TODAY, I started a small fire.  In the project kitchen oven.  Like, flames and everything, and I had no idea what to do.  Another teacher grabbed salt and threw it on (until we ran out).  This was all that was left of that student's work:

And, OH BOY, what a smell!  The cardboard was also burning and ash was floating in the air, causing a para to walk in and say "why are there gnats in here????"
When I returned (the non-melted) quilt necklaces to the rest of the class, I had to confess to the student who's work was ruined, and guess what??? Yep, one of the nicest students in the whole fifth grade.  I am so ready for this long weekend, I need a break from teaching catching things on fire.

When I've recovered I'll come back and blog about my wonderful kindergarten and adaptive student work from this week.  Enjoy your day, art teacher friends!

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