Friday, May 27, 2016

Squeezing in a Clay Project at the Last Minute

Oh MY, I barely got this one worked in! My third graders made architectural columns out of clay.  This lesson came from the February 2010 Arts & Activities issue, and the lesson was originally by Robin Leenhouts.  It's a perfect fit for my third graders who spend their year learning the basics of art history.  I had a handout on doric, ionic and corinthian columns for students to reference.  Here are a few bisque fired pieces:

The beauty of these is that they work either way, open side up as a pencil/pen holders, or base side up as pedestals for favorite toys. (I'm obviously not a real stickler for accuracy--note the placement of the ionic swirls)
Students painted them with metallic tempera blocks and then sealed the paint with Mod Podge:

The final painting/sealing day was so crazy that I didn't get many photos, but they really did turn out nicely.  
Speaking of, look at this first grade portrait from my Jewelry Portraits lesson:

He wasn't here the last day to finish and add his necklace. OH MY GOODNESS! Have you EVER seen anything more adorable?  It looks just like him! I love it and plan on keeping it FOREVER!
And also this from first grade:

This is how it went down:
"Mrs. Fresia, I'm making bacon and eggs!"
"That sounds perfect!"
"Well, I decided to make them for you!"
They're amazing.  And I wish I would've photographed the paper heart I got from the same class that looks more like marshmallows smooshed together.
No better job in the world (and if you don't think it is, it's probably not the job for you, because really, the only people who need to spend all day everyday with kids are the ones who really want to be there).
For those of you still in school, summer is really, really REALLY close.  For those already on vacation: enjoy every single minute, YOU DESERVE IT!

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