Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Really Need This Book

Note the thrown rain boot in the background.
Never a dull moment around here.

Found at my local library (see previous post about our twice weekly visits): What Elephant? by Geneviève Côté.  I'd like to lie to you and say it just came out, but it's been around for ten years apparently.  That library! Always a place to make new book friends!
It's a sweet little tale about a boy (George) who comes home to find an elephant in his house but none of his friends believe him so he thinks he must be losing his marbles. ("Elephants don't read newspapers!")
I. Need. This. Book. For kindergarten! I don't know exactly how I'll use it yet, but I've got a few ideas.  Beautiful illustrations and wonderfully written, what's not to love??? Kindergarten lives for possibilities and secrets (like an elephant hidden in your bedroom closet).  
I'm so excited! A quick internet search and it could be mine for as low as . . . $3.99.  Worth every penny.
Oh, and it has a bit of a lesson about believing yourself and your own eyes (and all the ignoring-the-elephant-in-the-room bit that only the adult will get). So many directions I could go with this--I can't wait!

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