Friday, July 1, 2016

Frozen in the Summer

Aaahhhh, SUMMER! Glorious, glorious summer!  So much free time! Beautiful weather (it's been miserably hot and humid here), time for household projects, artwork and reading . . . except lately I've been frozen.  Like, unable to finish anything.  Case in point, the almost finished medicine cabinet doors hanging out in my garage, ready for a smidge more sanding and wood filling and a final coat of paint.  I just walk around them.  Or the front porch light fixture I was planning to take apart, spray paint and reassemble.  I cleaned it with TSP on the HOTTEST, HUMID-ist day of the year, and thought 'ugh, too much work!'
Or the patio chairs I got from the side of the road to refinish--they're sitting in the backyard, holding up the new sprinkler, and every time I see them I get a sinking feeling.  Do I really want to tackle this project?  How much sanding a spray painting can one person handle?
Does the downstairs bathroom really need painting? Who really goes in there anyway (and do they even notice the color of the wall?)?
With all that home improving I planned to do, I decided to (of course) make a quick rag quilt for my daughter, and she LOVES it, but don't look too closely or you'll see many mistakes.  It was my first rag quilt, so of course I have to make one for my youngest, but then my sewing machine started acting up . . . I just walked away from that, for everyone's safety (an angry mom throwing a sewing machine isn't good for ANYONE).
I've got piles and piles of Gelli prints ready for photographing and listing in my Etsy shop, but somehow I never get around to it.
I've spent a couple of days reading all day (like ALL DAY, ain't no one got time for lunch around here) and I've taken my kids places (really by places I mean the library 2x a week, but it counts). I also forced myself to buy a swimsuit and that took DAYS of preparation because swimsuit shopping at my age is BRUTAL (and WHY can't stores have better lighting in their dressing rooms?!).
These are the moments where I wonder, what WILL retirement be like for me? Will I wander aimlessly from project to project, never finishing anything?  Will I have a sense of direction, or will I feel unfulfilled? Will I be 'that crazy retired art teacher'? (Come on, you know her, we all do.) Will someone tell me if I cross over into crazy territory? And (the bigger question) will I care?
Enjoy your aimless, relaxing, fun (or reading filled) summer, friends, it goes way too fast.

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