Monday, September 26, 2016

Three and a Half Weeks Until Parent/Teacher Conferences!

I just love Parent/Teacher Conference time! Now don't misunderstand, I don't have loads of conferences, not too many come to see me (although I'm happy to see them when they do), but it IS a great time to showcase some amazing student work!  I've held back these beauties (I call them "It's Great to be King"):

It's similar to this lesson, except we used a bit of technology (thanks to student chrome books and Schoology) to add some selfies to truly be royalty. We added a bit of writing to explain the items we were holding and our overall look.

My original plan was to hang all three fifth grade classes of Royal Portraits by the front office, but now I'm torn.  Second grade made some pretty amazing self portraits--

We started working on frames for them today.
Sometimes CHOOSING is the hardest part.  Amazing Royalty Portraits?

Or amazing self portrait paintings by the front office?

Decisions, decisions!

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