Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Love Our Queen[s]

Just in case you're not getting the reference:

Today's a definate Sex Pistols sort of day, as I've been hanging up our queens and it's running through my head.  Two classes have finished their Queen Elizabeths, and some are just downright AWESOME:

Skinny marker for the face was our final step.
Love her use of leftover paper doily on the sleeves!

If you missed my earlier post on this project, you can find it here.
Some more Maiden Queens:

This class wanted fur, so I let them use
a donation box of cotton rolls leftover
from some dentist office.
She looks so smug, but I guess I'd be smug too
if I were the Queen of England.

We did a classbrainstorm session to come up with items for her to hold symbolizing power, beauty, and intelligence.  Some of the things students came up with were sceptors, roses, books, a globe and many of the boys chose to make swords for her to hold:

Beautiful AND is powerful enough
 to rule the whole world!
I like how this student
chose to do the flower, but maybe
I should've spent some time on
thumb/hand gluing placement.

In case you can't see it well enough, it says:
"Queen Elizabeth Diary".

A shot of about half of our hallway display (so far):

Tomorrow, my last 5th grade class will finish their queens.  I'm on the lookout for more hallway display space and enjoying all the comments from students and staff.

What is the Queen without her crown?


  1. Gorgeous! I wonder what Elizabeth I would have thought of the Sex Pistols?


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