Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I Love This/I Hate This

I made a new poster for my classroom:

I'd been thinking about "Art Is" since Chicago and NAEA.  There was a presentation I went to (maybe it was a museum educator from Ohio?!) and I wrote some notes (and I thought I took pictures), neither of which I can find now.  We were given time during the session to think about what art is, and there was a hashtag. . . I really did think about it, but my hashtag skills are #nonexistent. 
My poster says: 
Art is 
All the ideas 
Rolling around in your head NOT JUST 
Technical skill (how well you draw/paint).  

I used some art images that I had that someone had given me to dress it up a bit.  I do love it, but I hate it's dual purpose:

We had active shooter training for the second time/year in a row last week and covering that little skinny window was a subject covered.  I didn't have any posters that were long enough, so I made this one.  I hate that we live in a world were things like "active shooter" and "elementary school" can go together. 
Keep your chins up, friends, we're doing good and teaching f.i.n.e. 


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