Friday, October 14, 2016

Tired Of This Crazy Election?

Geez-oh-pete, I'm exhausted of this election.  I. can't. even. NO MORE!  Honestly, I tried to watch the latest debate and my stomach started hurting.  I will, however, lead fifth grade through a self-portrait-as-the-president lesson with glee.

It's a pretty straight-forward self portrait drawing, color with oil pastels, and make sure there's something patriotic in the background (this is the second half of our Monarchy vs. Democracy lesson), and then we added some writing about ourselves as presidents incorporating a little math (figuring out what year it will be when they're 35 or 40 or 66, however old they want to be when they're president).  

I only have one class right now that has finished, and they did a wonderful & amazing job:

Here's an arrow I added above the kings and queens in the main hallway to get more traffic to our presidents:

And here's the first bit of completed work that's hanging in the hallway:

It's refreshing to remember that wanting to be president can be a good, kind and wholesome venture in this bizarre election year.
Enjoy your days with kids, and be happy that you don't have to be in politics if you don't want to!

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