Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hoarding Rears It's Head

I've been on this clean-out-kick lately, both at home and at school.  Which is HUGE for me as my hoarder tendencies can get out of control.  I really only say two words when people from the community bring donations: "THANK YOU!" which leads to some interesting collections (like about 40 paper rotary blades, but no handles. . . )
I'd had this really heavy bag of magazines in the back of my van since before Christmas that I was bringing for collages, only I kept forgetting they were back there.  This morning I put them in the front seat before I left home, so they FINALLY got dragged into school.  And then I saw the state of my collage magazines:

My student teacher from last year built me this awesome, super-sturdy rack for holding magazines (thank you, Stefan!), but the state of the situation was just sorry:

I got to work, cleaning out and sorting, and then it happened: I saw all the HGTV and Organic Living magazines I'd brought from home, and I just couldn't part with them!

So I bagged those up to go back home, and completed the task at hand.  BIG SIGH, hoarding tendencies gain a small win.

Thank you, community member for Consumer Reports,
it's never to early to be informed consumers!
Now, you'd think I have some big ideas for collages coming up, but nope, just an organization itch I'm scratching!


  1. Lol! i just threw out a bunch of styrofoam cups, crumpled paper bags, polyfill and cardboard tubes I had hoarded waaaaaay too much of. We mean well but years later we're all always like " um, why did I save all this again?"

    1. I hate it when I finally throw a bag/box/pile away and then discover a really cool project I could have done with all of it!


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