Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Being Purposeful

Welcome to 2017, friends! Let that sink in: twenty seventeen . . . what the what???? I'm OLD and that date seems so future-ish. But we're here now, time to make the most of it.  
Today I'm going to share a lesson I've written about before, but it's not a lesson I do every year with my kindergarten artists.  Maybe I really should, or something similar.  See, sometimes (lots of times, if I'm honest) I get this great idea/wild hair and jump right in without thinking about the basics and then I get frustrated that kids aren't right there with me when it's really my fault/problem.  I adore this lesson because it IS so basic.  It teaches rainbow order and forces me to teach appropriate painting and paint brush basics (which 5 to 7 year olds NEED).  We paint 9 x 12 papers in rainbow order with tempera paint:

For some reason the violet is really showing as blue,
and I wanted to show how sometimes we end up with some
leftover white space (and that's okay).

Sometimes we fill that white space completely with
violet (also okay).

After the paintings are dry we cut them up:

I'd like to once again thank blogger for the new-no-way-to-turn-photos-making-people-look-at-things-with-their-heads-cocked-sideways-funness.  

The expectation is that students cut through all of their rainbow colors every time using a new/different line and lay it out like a puzzle before gluing.  This is hard for kindergarten, but stretches them just enough without frustrating them.
I'm trying to be more purposeful in everything I do (at work and at home) and think about what I'm really wanting to accomplish.  I want independent thinkers who have SKILLS, and basic how-to-hold/how-to-rinse a paintbrush are some skills I see kids lacking.  Also bonus, no two look alike when we're done.
Happy New Year, readers! May your days be blissful and your nights be restful (and your summer be long! Let's hold on to that thought during these dreary winter months!).

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