Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"I'm a Really Good Dancer."

Nothing like spending your day with kids.  Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I had kindergarten lined up in the hall for their teacher and the student at the end of the line was gettin' DOWN: spinning, hip-shaking, groovin'.  All silently.  He spun around and put his hand on his hip and said "You know, I'm a REALLY good dancer!"  It was amazing.  
It's all those little moments that make being an elementary art teacher the best thing.  And the projects that turn out so unexpectedly wonderful, like these tiny painted houses my sixth graders made:

They're TINY, like an inch or two.  I gave each student a tiny little amount of clay and just had them use their hands to flatten it out.  They then used some clay tools to cut a house shape and the Designer Liners underglaze for decoration. Students were also told to use a straw to cut a hole (or two) to hang their houses when finished.
 I had given each student a small (maybe 4 x 6) piece of pink tagboard with their name on it so I could just add their name after they left.  I love them all, and if any child doesn't want theirs I'm totally keeping it!

This student is originally from Iran,
and I love that she made double doors.
I bisque fired them and then decided they all needed a clear coat of glaze, so they're in the kiln ready for firing again.  I'll take a photo of them finished.
Happy spring, everyone!  Only six more weeks or so!

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