Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Writing for Publications

I made a lesson up about Native American shields a couple of years ago (I so rarely know if I actually made something up or if I got it from someone/somewhere).  I was SURE I made this one up myself, so I thought I'd try to get it published.  Got all my ducks in a row last spring, got all the writing done, pictures taken, parent permission forms. . . and didn't mail it at the beginning of the summer.  I promise you, I had the best of intentions.  It was just so summery and I got distracted with other things.  But have no fear!!! I just got it all together, images burned onto disk, in the envelope, ready to go!  Now I just have to get it to the post office. . .
Until I hear back from my friends at Arts & Activites (we're tight, BTW), here's a little preview of that fourth grade lesson:

I've had one lesson published previously (First Grade Jewelry Portraits), and to read it click here.  I will say that since it's been published, I've made some changes to that lesson.  Namely, I have the students make their magazine beads around a paper straw--so much easier!  I just make little masking tape flags with their names, they make the beads, they can even go in the drying rack!  Here's a few student examples from that lesson:

That's my thing to be proud of for today: my lesson is really all ready for submission.  Oh, and I cleaned some windows at home :-)  'Cause I know for sure I won't be doing any of that come next week, it'll be all about school.

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