Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kindergarten Cuts a Spiral Party

I love kindergarten.  They're so wild, untamed and full of personality.  Rather than fight it, I tend to go with it (I have them last, right before they go home, so they're wound-up-five-or-six-year-old-kind-of-exhausted on top of it all).  
We start out cutting right away (the second time they come to art), and this is the follow-up lesson: PARTIES! 

 I show them how to cut the corners off of squares (6 x 6 inch size) to make sort of circles, and then cut spirals.  I tell them that the scissors are their car, and the paper's the road and when they get to the edge they need to turn. I also demonstrate what happens when I LOOK at my road (no cutting off) and when I'm too busy talking with and looking at my friends (cutting off part of my spiral). For the few that struggle with cutting them (everyone tries on their own a couple of times) I draw the spiral for them to cut on.  They make many different colors of spirals and glue them to black paper with ONE dab of glue.

They carry them home the same day (no need for names or cramming them into the drying rack).  Once home, they ask Mom or Dad to tape them to the ceiling and voila! instant party.

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