Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Door Decorating Contest and A Quote a Day

We're having a winter door decorating contest at my school right now.  Here's mine:

I'm still on the fence about adding scarves on
my snowmen.

The snowman props came from a "Famous Artists"
mask kit that I ordered several years ago
but haven't used with my students yet.

I decided to participate at the last minute, and put some paper up Friday after school, then came up around 8:30 on Sunday night to add my snowmen. I cut out the letters just before my first class, and one of my recess helpers helped me get my words on during my plan time.  Winners will be announced sometime this week.  I don't even know what the winners get, but hey, it was fun to do!

On a totally different note, it's come to my attention that an administrator in my building told a fourth grader to "put those crayons away, no one ever got to college coloring" while she was illustrating a sentence in class (which, I may point out, was the DIRECTIONS GIVEN BY THE TEACHER).  Rumor also has it that this same administrator (we have three) will not allow his own children to own crayons or color at home.  My husband was LIVID when I told him this and got all angry about it. (He's a perfect art teacher husband, I tell you, passionate about my life's work!) I think it's rather interesting and a wonderful teaching moment.  So, today I looked up art advocacy quotes.  I found many I liked here.  I copied and pasted many that I really liked and made a word document.  Every day for as long as I can, I'm going to put a quote in his box with two or three crayons.  I want to get him thinking before we have a full-blown conversation about it.  I don't want him to know it's me doing it for a while. . . so if you're a staff member of mine, don't tell, ok?? (I don't really think they're reading my blog daily/weekly/or ever, but it never hurts to put that out there!)  We'll see if I can get him to change his mind, or at the very least, fill his mailbox and office with crayons!  

I'll let you know how it goes: both the door decorating contest and my Quote a Day Subterfuge.

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