Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How's that Jasper Johns Project Coming Along?

Why, just dandy, thank you for asking!  This goes along with our four artists unit in fifth grade.  You can read more about it here and here.  I've done several Johns projects in the past, but this idea comes from another art teacher in my district (thanks, Brea!).  After learning a little about Jasper Johns, students fold paper making 8 rectangles, and draw out their birth date in this fashion: two numbers for the month, two numbers for the day and four numbers for the year.  Here are some drawn out with a bit of painting done:

Born in 2003, man, I'm OOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!!!!

Aw, a Christmas baby!
I had them turn their papers over and write about complementary and analogous colors on the back (like, the definitions).  Then we talked about what do you want people to notice?  The month and day of your birthday? Or the year?  That helped them decide which row was going to be complementary and which row would be analogous.
My first class is done:

I gave them both primary and secondary colors of tempera, but they mixed their own intermediates.  This first group did a fabulous job, and their understanding of the learning target (like how I snuck that in?!) really shows [for the most part].  The group that's finishing now is a different story. We'll be doing a little peer evaluating before we paint next time.
Oh, and I also had them add a "When I did this project I learned:" strip along the bottom of their painting.  Here's a few more from the hallway:

We also had our staff breakfast with Santa last weekend, so Brea was in my building.  I told her how great they turned out, so I hope she had a chance to see them!

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