Monday, December 9, 2013

Kindergarten Rainbows

This is a lesson I found on the internet many, many years ago and printed out (back when I used to print things out, so. . . 2005 ish???).  

When I went to look for it, it had moved to this site.  I did the Roy G. Biv paintings lesson submitted by Denise Pannell.  I also video pure'd the song before I showed my kindergartners, and that is here.  

Painting before it was cut.

Another pre-cut rainbow painting.

Our apple-shipping-crates turned paint pallets were SO pretty!

I used this lesson for practicing cleaning brushes between colors and then for cutting and gluing practice. 

This rainbow belongs to a friend who wasn't making responsible choices
when we started, so his first two colors are in marker.
When I saw he was being responsible, he was allowed to switch
back to paint for the rest.

I also like how much our fractured rainbows are brightening our halls during our dreary weather!

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