Friday, April 17, 2015

Art Show 2015--SUCCESS!!!

I think all art teachers feel this tremendous relief when the art show is over.  Ours was a rockin' good one this year.  Here's a few shots of the hallway displays:

Sixth grade work

First grade work

Kindergarten work

We only had two tables of ceramic work on display this year (all sixth grade):

I also added some "MAKE ART" tables this year for my 3rd-6th graders. But I couldn't get ONE sixth grader to sign up, so we only had three stations (third, fourth and fifth).  Third graders showed art show patrons how to make paper bracelets, fourth graders led them through making a self portrait, and fifth graders helped them make mini sketchbooks:

And I'll close with a few more hallway shots because I'm too tired to form coherent thoughts for blogging this morning (you should all feel a bit sorry for my students today, because the struggle is so real for me to be "on it" on the day after the art show).

First grade work

Fourth grade work

Keep pressing on, art teachin' friends, the end of the year is in sight!

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