Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Four Year Old Refuses To Wear Jeans

My day started out with a tantrum over jeans.  HOW can a four year old who's too sleepy to dress herself feel denim sliding over her ankles?  Anyway, she refused to wear jeans.  And then I had a tantrum, because I hate being late. I hate feeling like I might even sort of be late, it starts my day at school off in a way I do not enjoy. Thank goodness for husbands who dress tantrumy-non-jeans-wearing children.
Then I got to school and saw this:

Yes. YES. YES!!! For eight years, colored pencils in my room lived here:

See the tape? That was to try to stop the colored pencils from falling out the holes, but it didn't really work and kids were getting scratched and cut by the shards of plastic.  I've looked for replacements for these containers for the past several years.  I finally found shelf files at United Art and Education. While I haven't used them with students yet, the plastic is nice and thick, and I think they'll really work great!

They're wide enough for several students to reach in at once, and deep enough to hold lots of pencils.  Quite an upgrade from recycled Laffy Taffy containers:

I was also grateful for bits of masking tape today:

Masking tape marking 3", 6", 9", 12" and 18" on my paper cutter.
My paper cutter is kind of wonky (aren't most?!) and all cutting (if one doesn't want tearing) has to be done near the edge.  One of my student teachers a few years ago put a piece of tape at the 12" mark.  Genius!  I added the others to help with all sort of cutting.  I even have one at 18".  Here's a close-up:

So after all these little Nerd Art Teacher Things that make me happy, I'll leave work to go pick up my non-jeans-wearer.

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