Thursday, November 19, 2015

Painting Factory in Adaptive

Sometimes, we just do factory day.  A day where we all make crayon rubbings using warm or cool colored crayons, then we all paint over them with the opposite color scheme.  We don't write names, we don't worry about "it's mine" or "but that one's not mine".  We just create like an art factory.

Art factory is what my adaptive art groups did for a day or two (we'll use them in collages later).  It's sometimes harder with the adaptive groups to get them to stick to a color scheme, so I stole this idea from a genius para (you know the ones, the shining stars at their jobs):

I just cut a scrap of paper that was laying around the paper cutter
so only 3 paint pots show.  I can move it around for warm colors later.
Scrap paper, scissors--sometimes the easiest things are the greatest, you know?

I'm still undecided on fish/underwater collages with these or robot collages.  Most likely, I'll let the students choose!

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