Thursday, February 11, 2016

Analogous Fish

This is one of those totally forgot all about this lesson lessons.  I used to do it pretty regularly (at my old school/old district) and I know I haven't done it while at my new/current school.  Which I've been teaching at for NINE years, so it's been a while.  

Second grade, with the objectives being: a good, solid line drawing of a fish (I give them some black line copies to look at), tracing the fish drawing with glue, and learning (and demonstrating knowledge of) analogous colors.  We use oil pastel (or could you already tell by the smears?).
We drew the first day of this project and traced everything with glue.  It's imperative that the glue get done that first day to have time to dry.  The second day we drew a color wheel in our sketchbooks and learned all about analogous colors, reviewing primary/secondary and warm/cool along the way.  With our sketchbooks close at hand, I passed out oil pastels and had students start coloring their sea life.  The problem was I didn't LIMIT their color choices, so what happens if you just keep going around the color wheel?

You end up with a rainbow.  Yikes.  That was not the objective!  But pretty, non the less.  After several rainbow fish I remembered that I limited them to FIVE colors all those years ago.
Some in process work:

Fabulous red orange color mixing!

By the time I was teaching the third class I remembered to limit their colors:

I really like all of them, and talked with my class yesterday about how they weren't showing me second grade work.  It's like HIGH SCHOOL, man! (that may be stretching it a bit, but I'm all about the build up/showing love this week!)

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