Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Leader In Me Door Decor

It's coming, whether we're ready (or not): the Leader in Me Symposium.  Because it's our first year as a Leader in Me school, we're not very far in the journey.  To be somewhat pretty/decorated for the symposium, we've been asked to decorate our doors.  Here's mine: 

Hard to see, but the top says "Artists everywhere practice and LIVE the seven habits"

I wrote the habit on a piece of paper and had the students write how is related to art.  I love how Kenja wrote "Get your things done on time when she sasy" [says].

Some of the habits were harder for students to relate to art.  Hey, it's our first year, and the habits are not really ingrained into our culture yet.

Here's the rest:

It has brightened up my door and several people have commented on it.  Symposium is next week!

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