Monday, February 22, 2016

Kings and Queens of Art

So, the art show is coming up. March 10, 2016!  And I just love showing off my students' work.  Here is the wonderful work of my adaptive students right now:

Black bar added for student privacy
We started out painting (I was too busy with paint/brush management to photograph this step). I did, however, remember to take a picture of them smiling (individual photos). The same day we painted, after cleaning up the paint, students looked through magazines and cut out things that appealed to them.  

Those magazine images were stored in little paper folders for them for the next day.  When they came back to art, they added their magazine pictures and other collage elements.  The final step was to add their own faces (which I cut out for them), a crown, and a "Queen of Art" or "King of Art" strip.

Adorable! And PERFECT for the art show!

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