Friday, November 4, 2016

Sometimes It Takes A While To Get It Right

I've taught elementary art for seventeen consecutive years.  Seventeen, and there are still so many times when I don't get it right.  But sometimes, the universe smiles down and everything just 'clicks' together.  (I think sometimes I can even here the CLICK as it all comes together in students' heads).
My third graders go on an art history journey every year starting with the Lascaux caves.  We're up to Stonehenge now, and all along our journey we take notes in our sketchbooks using graphic organizers.  Here's what my white board looked like after third grade yesterday:

That circle with dotted lines running all through it is pizza.
You know, to drive the point of radial symmetry home.
It was such a good time.  We learned history, math, and made some scientific predictions.  It works better for students if I write what they need to write on my white board while I do a Smart Notebook presentation on the Smart board.  After 17 years, I think that I've almost got the correct/engaging amount going on in some of my Smart Notebook lessons (you can get the Stonehenge one I used yesterday here, scroll down until you see Stonehenge).
It was THE BEST with all three of my third grade classes this year--magical and wonderful and why we all became art teachers in the first place.  And I'll know the universe is REALLY SMILING on me when one of those magical lessons coincides with an administration observation.
Art teach on, friends, you're making differences in lives every day.

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