Monday, February 6, 2017

Just About a Million Things and It's FEBRUARY

I'm going to apologize now for seeming to fall behind on blogging, but January was about a thousand gray, dreary days long and February, oh, FEBRUARY.  February means the art show is coming up fast and my panic begins in earnest.
My students have been busy:

This is a Paul Klee lesson that I was sure I'd blogged about before, but I guess not? In kindergarten we look at Paul Klee's Senecio from 1922 and use a circle template for the face and rulers for our straight lines.  We draw with pencil, trace with black Sharpie and paint with tempera cakes.  They're super adorable when finished!

And then these Today I Feel Portraits that we've recently finished in second grade:

We've had some clay issues lately in my district (due mostly to a new clay supplier), which is stressing us all out.  I've got a kiln full of fifth grade masks to unload for painting, so HAPPY FEBRUARY, everyone!

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