Monday, February 13, 2017

Some Egyptian Profiles LOVE THEM

A long time ago, in a district far, far away (not really), I printed off this lesson from Crayola, and stuck it in a binder.  It was probably, hmmmm, more than 10-12 years ago?  For some reason, I decided now was the time and of course I didn't read a speck of the directions.  Here's what I had my third graders do: they worked in pairs to lay (individually) on a piece of paper while their partner traced their profile with pencil.  Once each student was traced onto paper, they added their own details to make an ancient Egyptian:

Then block tempera was used to add color:

While students painted, I pulled small groups back to an empty table to use the Egyptian hieroglyphics stamps that I borrow from another teacher every year.  These white papers were later used for backgrounds, and scenes from daily Egyptian life were added.

Students drew with pencil and added color with colored pencil.  
Finally, we used metallic tempera block paint for a bit of sparkle (I don't love this paint), cut out the profiles and glued them to our white background papers:

Close up of a background.

I do love how they turned out and I think they'll be a great addition to our art show this year!  Anyone else have lessons they've held onto for a decade or more before finally following through and teaching it?

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