Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Want To Feel Like A Rock Star?

I taught wet-on-wet painting to second graders this week.  It was like I gave them the secret to rainbow unicorns!  I had pre-written their names on their papers, and had them paint with plain water (lots of grumbling here and "WHAT?" "WHY?!").  Then we used warm colors of tempera blocks and worked quickly.  Here is some student work:

Sorry that they need to pivot and blogger won't let me.
That first little add of color really got them going.  It sounded like they were watching fireworks "ooooooooooo!!!! Aahhhhhhh!!!"  "Look look look!"  
These are going to be awesome backgrounds for our cityscapes. Sometimes you just need a free your mind painting day.  It's good for the soul!  And helps you to imagine a world full of rainbow unicorns!
 I'm pushing hard to get them done in time for our art show--three weeks and two days away!

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